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(Bureau of Indian Standards)

BIS is an Indian origin hallmarking system for gold jewellery. Indian government making hallmarking necessary for fine gold jewellery has ensured trust and reliability in the jeweller. Our all jewellery has hallmarked to assured that you are buying genuine products. The BIS Hallmarking is engraved on the jewellery which includes BIS logo, purity of gold, Assay centre and manufacture identification (Optional)

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(International Gemological Institute)

IGI is a renowned name in gemological institutes and laboratories that have maintained the standard for determining the quality and price of a diamonds and gemstones across the globe. Our all diamond jewellery you shop at Orlove Diamond comes with IGI’s Certificate of Authenticity. IGI certification gives you every every detail about your diamond jewellery starting from the number of diamonds the cut, color, clarity and weight of every piece of diamond that is used.

GIA Diamond Grading Report

The GIA set the standard for diamond grading and gemological identification, and their diamond grading system serves as the international gem and jewellery industry's benchmark credentials.